Tuesday Tip With Net: Spice Up Your Breakfast

I want to welcome back Net! He was lost for a couple of months until I found him hibernating inside the car compartment. Net is here to bring you creative and innovative tips or tricks on Tuesdays.

Morning breakfasts don’t have to be the same fried thing every day. Today’s tip is a list of breakfast options that are not only healthy but also delicious though you have to invest in some unique ingredients. In any case, it is worth it.

Here are the common ingredients on every menu:

  1. Eggs
  2. Chia Seeds
  3. Flaxseeds
  4. Bacon
  5. Protein Powder / Whey
  6. Fresh or frozen Strawberries or Blueberries
  7. Peanut Butter
  8. Greek Yogurt
  9. Goat or Feta Cheese

Preparation is so easy. You’ll need a blender and baking oven in some of the menu.

Menu sample 1: Veggie Egg White Omelette 

   4 egg whites

   bell pepper

   goat cheese


   Heat a medium-sized pan with cooking oil and saute the bell peppers and spinach. Pour egg whites, flip, mix and fold.

Menu sample 2: Baked Eggs

1 sweet potato

    2 eggs

    bacon bits

     coconut oil

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. In a pan over medium heat, add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and add your chopped bacon. Cook bacon for about 3 minutes then set aside.

     In the same pan, add your sweet potato and cook for 4 minutes over medium heat.

   In a small oven-safe dish, layer your sweet potato on the bottom of the bowl, then chopped bacon and crack eggs on top with some salt and paper.

    Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Menu sample 3: Protein Shakes

    1 scoop of protein shake

    1 tbsp chia seeds

     2 cups of milk

     1 handful of spinach

     ice cubes

     1/4 cup of strawberries or blueberries

    Place all ingredients into the blender and blend for 1-2 minutes.

You can experiment with different types of shakes from strawberries to peanut butter, avocado, dark chocolate, flaxseeds, etc. Or mix and match eggs with greens, avocados, pancake, banana, etc. There’s a lot of options or even menu on the Internet. You just need to stock the common ingredients and tools above.

The Cash Flow Friendly Way to Start and Run a Business

“We developed our first product in a 28sqm condo unit in Makati. It’s not so quiet as we hear the city train pass by every 10min. It’s comfortable, but it was not that conducive for work.

Our initial budget was P100k. I was the one who opened the checking account in Metrobank and cut checks to buy our first desktop workstation and a small computer table. The 80×50 whiteboard behind us was the one we purchased at National Bookstore in Glorietta, which we had a hard time loading in the cab.

It was 2001, and I remember the fall of the twin towers were all over the news at that time while my brother and I just resigned from our employment to pursue the business. We both started with an allowance of about P5k each per month, rent and utilities financed by our uncle. We operated in very minimal monthly expenses.”

If you have a great and promising idea that you are itching to start, then here’s the most cashflow friendly way to start and run a business:

A. Do not formally register the business yet without a product and initial traction, especially if you are in a bootstrap mode. Registering the company only makes sense if you have either a financier or revenue.

B. Do the business registration yourself. You don’t need to hire a full-time admin or an accountant yet. We have guides on every public office from the SEC, or DTI, Cityhall, BIR, they have detailed instructions on how to register the business. You may need to talk to a friend who has the experience, get a list of requirements from him/her.

C. Get a virtual office. You can get a virtual office as low as P1,500 per month in Makati. All you need is to register the business with the address that you can put on your website. These virtual offices offer a conference room that you can rent on a per hour basis if you need to meet people or customers on-site, ranging from 1-2k per hour.

D. Use LinkedIn, UpWork, or other free platforms to source for people. Use virtual administrators, recruiters, creatives, SEO specialists, programmers, or even sales lead generators who can work remotely. It is essential to pool people in your online network, so you have reserves in the case of wrong hires. If possible, engage with them on per-project commissions or incentives and not on a monthly or hourly fixed compensation.

Balance the tasks to delegate. Admin tasks that are urgent but not that important are ideal to outsource while important/urgent tasks are the ones you can do yourself.

E. Invest in learning social media strategies, personal branding, SEO/SEM. It is the best time today to do FB or IG ads as they are really cheap compared to Google Ads or SEM.

Matching your revenue and expenses is the key to cash flow management. Improve collection, remove the urge to spend non-essential things, and invest back your profits to your company.

Creative Ideas to Habit Stacking


How many times did you say yes to someone and then forget about it the next day?

How many times were you successful in meeting your New Year’s resolution?

Why do we always say we don’t have time to do something?

I would guess that we would say “many times” to all these questions.

If you’re reading this, I want you to take a moment and think of your daily habits and action.  These habits and action have brought you to where you are now, and most of the time, you were not aware of it.

We are used to our routine of waking up, taking a shower, brew coffee and go to work.  By end of the day, we go home, turn on the TV and/or browse Facebook and YouTube.  Deep inside we want to do something else, probably plan for a vacation, pursue a hobby and all that, but we are too stuck to our routine to do so.

Once we imagine the effort required to do such things, then we’d rather go for small rewards of sleeping, Internet surfing or unconscious eating.

Success Comes From Small Actions

Not so long ago, I learned about habit stacking that resulted to good productive results.  I was so discontented with my life for a while because I was so frustrated in pursuing things that I love.  I was always in a hurry and not taking small steps and actions to gradually meet my goals.

Putting up big goals at once is so stressful.  But starting with small habits or routines to achieve them is one creative way to build on them as you realize its importance day-in/day-out.

Create habits that uniquely matches your life or what you want from it.  Try to set habits for short term goals, mid term and long term.

This a broad topic so I’ll try my best to give ideas by sharing with you my own habits at the moment.  In all honesty, since I did this, I was able to balance my body chemistry and have a healthy mind.

I hope you can get something out of it.


5 min – I wake up and brush my teeth right away.  Doing it gives me a quick boost out from sleeping.

15min – I sit down and meditate.  I used the Calm app for guidance. It clears my mind.  This habit gives a long term effect on a balanced mind.

15min – I listen or say affirmations.  These affirmations are my fuel in starting my day with positivity, gratitude and getting ready from whatever challenges I will encounter for the day.   This keeps me going and motivated throughout my life.

60min. – I follow a daily workout towards my goal to finish a marathon this year.  I just downloaded a program online and follow it. The thing that excites me in working out is the podcasts that I follow especially about business and technology in Spotify.  Overall long term health benefits plus learnings and ideas you get from Podcasts.

15min.  – Journaling.  I usually log whatever feelings I have– anxieties, worries, excitement and it keeps me sane.  Also, it gives me a different perspective on things, enabling me to find solutions from time to time.

15min. – Check my emails and messages.  I only do these once I have done all my habits above.  My notifications are normally turned off and check them only 3-4 times a day by batch.  By doing this, you get to keep focused on important things for the day.

This is my morning routines, I usually wake up around 5am and my day is already complete when I have done all these before I go to work.


60-120min. – I always look forward to writing and engaging online.  I usually write these kind of posts with my after meal coffee in a Starbucks outside the office.  Writing is one of the things I love and who knows?  I might just write an epic article about something that might turn out as a book.

Writing also clears my mind as I get ready for my next meetings in the afternoon.  It’s took me a while before I learned that lunch time is my best time to write.

I tried writing early in the morning and late in the evening and it always didn’t work for me because normally I was always excited to workout in the morning and am too tired at night.

Try to find what works for you.


60min. – my first activity after work is to connect with my loved ones.  I usually eat dinner with them, call/Skype them when they are away or just basically sit down, listen and talk.

An hour of undivided attention and small actions like these lead to improved relationships.

60-90min. – There’s a little guilt about this, but I do watch Netflix or play PS4 from time to time.  To me, this also gives me a good transition from work to life.

60min. – I read about current events, ebooks or learn about a certain topic.  Right now, I am reading Crushing It by Gary Vee and studying about podcasting.

30min. – My last habit for the day is to prepare my workout attire in the morning. When I have trouble sleeping, I meditate again and visualize my ideal day the next day.


I also have a hunger for creating art.  It can be either photography, music or sketching.  Right now, I was able to convince my daughter to sing and record songs for me every Saturday while on her summer vacation.  Again, it can be an epic product that I can share or probably monetize later on.

I do biking and long runs as well on weekends.


I also have the a habit of taking down notes and reminders.  When I commit to someone that I will get back to them, I have a note to remind me to do it.  This gives you credibility and and dependability.

5 Innovative Ideas to Boost Sales

innovativeideastoboostsalesBeing in sales in the past decade with Hilsoft has been great! I’ve seen and observed customer problems vividly.

But I figured it is not enough. Salespeople have to show a unique impression with a customer. They have to have an obvious authentic presence.

Let’s explore more options and innovative ideas I can think of to boost sales in your organization.

1. Hire a specific personality. A good recruitment process in general is essential in choosing the right person. If you’re a startup, generating revenue is the first priority hence hiring a good salesperson other than yourself is a must.

But how does one hire the best candidate? You have to define a specific personality who will represent sales.

In our case, since we are selling our own software solutions, the candidate must possess a strong background in software development and business process. A young executive, enthusiastic about technology and innovation.  Or it can probably be a typical geek like myself who can answer any technical question the customer can throw.

2. Implement Pareto (80/20). First step is to group prospects in the pipeline. In our case, we group them depending on the percentage of chance to close the deal. We define the percentage with the ff criteria sample:

a. Have they seen the product?

b. Do they need it asap?

c. Is the owner or the top decision maker involved?

d. Do they have a copy of the proposal/contract?

e. Total project cost.

Based on the above, 80% of our efforts are focused on 20% of the highest business potential, immediate and highest chance to close.

2. Focus on Closing Techniques. There are a lot of closing techniques in sales but I would recommend the ff:

a. Push for a “price” meeting. We normally set a mtg with the decision maker to discuss the proposal. We tell them that we will bring a laptop so we can modify the proposal during the meeting and sign on it.

b. Push for a “comparative” meeting. Suggest to meet them to discuss competitive advantages over other vendors.

c. Offer a promo/discount with deadline. Promo can be 50% discount with other products, trip abroad for two, free hotel accommodation with breakfast and lunch buffet.

3. Brand recall. Don’t leave a meeting without a leave-behind item. It can be a penholder, a paper weight or anything that they will use on top of their workstations.

Another way is to always add the business card emails to your company’s product newsletters.

4. Referral Program. Implement a referral program. In our case, we offer customers incentives if they give a referral.

5. Treat the vendor selection team. There are some decision makers who are loyal to their subordinates.  Treating them for lunch will definitely give positive impact with the deal.