About Me

Dennis M. Hilario here, CEO of Hilsoft, Inc., a fast growing software company in the Philippines and in Asia.

I got into the software business in 2001 with my brother and uncle in a small condo unit in Makati, Philippines.

Grew the business from nothing into something with about 25 employees until my partners left and moved on.

Because of lack of experience and short in cash, by March 2007, it came to a point that I had to let go the 25 employees and the office.  I was the only one left.

With faith and resilience, I hustled my way back and changed the company name to Hilsoft, Inc., a short version of Hilario Software.

With the help of some good people, I grew the company from P3M to a P40-50M/year company with about 60 employees.

I am well aware that I haven’t made a big impact yet.  I am still a nobody working hard to reach my dreams and aspirations.

I am doing this blog not to share with you what I have accomplished and what I am now but to share with you the journey and the hardships towards the end goal.  I am here to learn.

To me, the thing that keeps us as human being going is CREATIVITY, & INNOVATION and if we don’t stimulate them, then we lose ourselves.

Creativity is fun but a challenging task.  Over the years, I realized my passion is not the dreams themselves but doing the deed creatively to achieve my goals.  To think of creative ways not to get bored, to be productive, mindful and to fulfill dreams in the most unique and innovative way.

This blog is meant to define the true meaning of creativity and innovation.  It tells answers to questions about the topic, how to be inspired, how to find your passion and how to live life at the moment.

I also would like to share my creative journey as the CEO of a software company in the Philippines.

So, are you having problems with technology, latest trends, business automation, cyber-security, fintech, software development or programming? 

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