Will You Ever Take Care of Yourself? (Creative Thoughts about Health)

This blog post is not a promotion nor a campaign. It is just an honest question and an attempt to save a life. I am perplexed with people who look for happiness but don’t even consider changing their diets or workout.  Some may be wondering why they usually wake up with a heavy feeling and do nothing but complain in social media about work and life.

Maybe I should rephrase my question. Why should I take care of myself? This question can be answered depending on one’s values, priorities, and outlook.

The following are some possible whys:

  1. So I can live longer.
  2. So I can spend quality time with my loved ones.
  3. So I can be mentally stable.
  4. So I can be happy.
  5. So I can achieve a good figure, and people will like me.
  6. So I don’t live my life in my 40s lying on the hospital bed and/or taking maintenance medicines.
  7. So I can be more efficient and productive at work or any business I am in now.
  8. So my blood flows evenly, my nerves are relaxed, and my heart gets stronger.

If you really contemplate on it, it’s a no-brainer. You should take care of yourself. It’s no different with the question, should I take care of my children? Should you bring your car to its scheduled maintenance? Should you work hard to be successful in your business?  These will not matter when you’re dead or crippled. 

If you are in your teens or 20s, these still don’t make sense because you can eat literally anything but mind you that starting good habits early is the best investment you can make for your future.

In my next posts about this topic, I will share with you my habits of watching what I eat, how I developed it and the system that I do in my workouts.

Meantime, you may start small, then one step at a time.  Dieting should be the first step.  Exercise will mean nothing if you don’t change your diet.  Start with removing rice in your diet. Switch it with green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, and fruits. I know its hard but just refer to the why’s above. You only live once, and there will never be the next time. 

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