What is the Ultimate Innovative Accounting Software?

If you’re still doing accounting the spreadsheet way or even doing it the basic accounting software way, do you really think it is meeting the needs of your business efficiently? When is the best time in this generation to consider making the ultimate accounting software or any business software in general?

Let’s go with the current issues of existing accounting software in the market. The entire purpose of any business automation is to reduce how much time you spend on inputting data or processing transactions and reducing errors in your reports or even tax returns.

If you are spending a lot of time inputting and reconciling, then there’s a lot of room for an upgrade. In this writing, I would like to iterate the future features of the ultimate accounting software that I have in mind by number of stars.

5-Star Accounting Software – imagine that you have set up a new retail company, you’ll need a software that can help you create a spreadsheet of your products, run your store with an embedded POS, tell you when to replenish stocks, when to pay suppliers, and generate reports in real time with the report format that you prefer.

6-Star Accounting Software – you can do all the things above plus you can capture expenses and payables by simple scanning or taking a picture of a receipt anytime/anywhere.

7-Star Accounting Software – you can do all the things above and have a reconciliation with your bank daily. It also generates reports on demand by telling you the current cash position and cash forecasts.

8-Star Accounting Software – you can do all the things above plus the option to capture transactions by voice.  Simply say, “Hey, Accounting Software, record my representation expense with receipt number 1234 amounting to fifty pesos.”

9-Star Accounting Software – you have an option to request information by voice, e.g. “Hey, Accounting Software, what is my business like today?”  Then it tells you the financial indicators you need like current receivables, gross sales yesterday, income today, etc.

10-Star Accounting Software – this is definitely futuristic. Imagine waking up in the morning and requesting the accounting software to provide you business financial decisions according to financial goals?  For example, what expenses need to be trimmed down, which profit center to focus on, how many employees to hire, etc. Now, that’s your ultimate accounting software of the future!

With these exciting things ahead of us, let’s take a step back and start with an on-demand activation of accounting software modules with the features that you only need.  Then over time, you can choose to activate and upgrade your software.  Let’s begin with Hilsoft Snap Accounting then work with me in delivering the Ultimate Innovative Accounting Software!

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