Snap Accounting Series: Beta Launch

Yesterday was the day that I’ve been looking forward to in 3 years. The product is now launched but limited to the free check writer app. Any user can register and use the app to book their disbursements and generate expense reports online.

It is mobile responsive so you can easily book expenses even outside the office. You can assign the preparation of checks to someone and as a small business owner, you can approve it anytime and anywhere. All prepared and approved checks can be printed online even by batches.

Marketing plans are all set and its just a matter of execution. We plan to post teasers of the next app but in the meantime, we will be on standby for any feedback from the users to the initial release.

I can’t wait for your feedback or share with you testimonials from other users.

After years of surviving and growing as an ERP company for SMEs, I am glad to have deployed a product for startups and micro business owners.

This is an innovative tool and will definitely assist them in capturing their transactions so they know how and when to grow the business with the reports that Snap Accounting will generate.

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