Fun & Creative Ways to Set Goals

It was my graduation day in high school when I officially set my dreams and goals in life. I figured after fun and adventure in teenage days, it’s about time to get a little more serious.  I wrote it down in a small notebook and I can say most of them I was able to make.
Just recently when I got a hold of 4-Hour Work Week book by Tim Ferris and I liked his suggestion about the dream line.  Here is my small version of it.
  • Categorize your goals into “Having”, “Being” and “Doing”
  • Group them into timelines.  Set which goals are doable in six months buckets.
  • Establish the cost of having, being and doing the goals.
  • Define the next steps.
I’d like to share some of mine:
Six Months
  • Having – I’d like to have a robot vacuum cleaner.  It will cost me roughly P15k outright but no monthly/maintenance cost.
  • Being – I’d like to be a marathon finisher.  Monthly cost for training is not significant.
  • Doing – Create an epic art work.  Cost here is also not significant.
Twelve Months
  • Having – I’d like to have a brand new sedan (specs should be specific but i’d rather not share).  Thru financing, this would cost me around P500k initial DP and p60k/month amortization.
  • Being – I’d like to be an online influencer of innovation.
  • Doing – Visit Maldives.  Rough cost is about P200k
Next Steps
  • Train marathon daily and follow a systematic program online.
  • Achieve business sales targets to afford costs above.
  • Post an art work (music, drawing, writing) every weekend.
It is important to set habits to watch such goals and aspirations. This will also be a good template for goal setting in business.
Here are some quick examples:
Six Months
  • Having – a project manager who is expert in orchestrating resources, time and budget.
  • Being – the top of mind company in its particular industry
  • Doing – a CSR initiative benefiting group of aspiring programmers.
With the above’s creative ways to set goals plus unwavering faith and exceptional efforts, there’s no other path but success.

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