UI/UX Inspiration

These past months that we’ve been improving features & functions of our software products at Hilsoft, I fairly think it’s about time to also improve their look, feel and user experience.

We have several products such as ERP, Hospitality, POS, Property Management, HRIS, Payroll and each of them has different layout, theme and look. Since we are doing some minor tweaks in our brand, I opt to standardize or at least employ a unique distinction and consistent look that it’s a Hilsoft product.

So in the past weeks, I’ve been looking for inspiration and curating them for our creative team to develop and implement.

I like the layout. Buttons are not so big and not so small. The icons are the best thing I love about this UI.

This one is kinda trying a new approach of encoding on fields. It goes to the next field after each field the user encodes. Cool and unorthodox. The only concern here is you won’t be able to see a preview of all info the user entered until the last page.

Multi-colors are a trend now. I kinda like this except for the icons.

This is another approach to multi-color but I like this better than the earlier. Multi-colors are isolated at the top, then just a minimal approach after.

We have a POS product and this one is interesting. I can go with this, just a little tweak on the color scheme.

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