Snap Accounting: A Product Innovation Series


I am writing this series to share with you my thoughts and our real-life journey about a new product of Hilsoft named Snap Accounting.

This idea came up about a decade ago when I saw a market on a plain vanilla check writer software. One bank commissioned us to implement their check writer for their depositors and they were selling them like cupcakes.

Having been in accounting software development & implementation for years, I thought of breaking down its modules to sub modules, from check writer, invoice writer, general ledger and inventory. I thought of but it didn’t materialize.

Three years ago when the idea of implementing a software in a snap for startups and micro businesses came up. I named it Snap Accounting. It’s a build-your-own accounting software where the user can start with a check writer which is usually helpful to startups initially and then activate other modules on demand.

Because of lack of resource, I launched the initial version as SAAS but not self-service. The idea is, the customer can come to our office every Fri 2pm to see the product or have them trained for free. If they signup, then they will have to give 12 post-dated checks renewable annually.

Here’s a YouTube infographic we made when we launched in 2015:

To-date we have about 200 subscribers which mostly came from an accounting firm partner we have.

We started the development of the new version mid last year which is a full-blown self service Snap Accounting with a more professional and fancy UI/UX.

I am excited to post it’s initial launching soon and it’s iterative deployment in the weeks to come.

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